Safeco Insurance | Umbrella Discount

Safeco now offers 10% off when you bundle

Safeco recently received approval for a 10% discount on auto insurance when the insured buys an umbrella policy. Safeco requires the insured to have a minimum single limit liability of $300K or $500K for the insured to be able to have the ability to purchase an umbrella policy from them. The 10% discount allows the insured to improve a 100/300/100 liability limit policy up to $500K single limit with minuscule premium difference. If you are switching insurance companies you should ask me for a quick quote on this. If you have over 250,000 in net worth it is actually recommended to have this coverage anyways. This difference is so drastic that it allows the insured to be covered for (or collect) 500K instead of 100K if something goes wrong. That is 5x the coverage for the same price.

Safeco’s basic $1 million umbrella policy is $156 for an auto, home, and one person to be covered.  That is around $13 a month increase for $1.5 million in coverage compared to 100k/300K.

Safeco also offers a 15% discount on auto insurance when the insured has a homeowners or renters policy.

Safeco also just got a highly educated professional discounts approved for 10% or 15% depending upon the insured’s occupation. Credit Union, Marriage, and Good Student discounts are also still applicable.

If you would like more explanation on this, please contact Gennock Insurance or call 559-577-4704